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Valentines Day – the guy edit

It's the time of the year again..chocolates, roses, and ribbons are flying. The guys either forget, or they can't figure out what to do for the ladies. So here's a post for the guys who can't figure out where to take the special lady for Valentines.


First up is the Tasting Shed. The atmosphere isn't the most romantic and elegant. But if you want to get away from the city and enjoy a bit of the rural air, then the Tasting Shed is the place. The one thing that puts the Tasting Shed on the list is because the dining style is in the form of shared entrees – There's nothing more romantic than sharing the same plate of fine food with the special one right?


If you want somewhere a bit more romantic but still keeping the atmosphere slightly casual – The Commons won't disappoint. Combine fine food with fine service, in addition to that, take a stroll on the beach after for the sunset; you can't get any more romantic. Just make sure you make your seating upstairs where a noisy bar and kitchen is no where near you.


This next restaurant isn't exactly fine dining, but at least this one has table cloths on their tables (contrary to the previous two). Similar to The Commons, Long Bay Restaurant also sits next to a beach. The place is definitely not big, but not too small either. The moment you walk in you'll find the place very

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cozy. The food is more casual but this doesn't mean it wouldn't be able to compete with all the other fancy places.


If you're really looking for fancy, romantic, quiet, then Vinnies is the place. Situated in Ponsonby, Vinnies is the combination of fine dining with fine dining atmosphere. Dimmed lights, white table cloths, it's the perfect place for girls to dress fancy and for the guys to suit up. The food is very fine and fancy, but just be prepared for portions being on the smaller end, though I'm sure the guys will be too busy impressing the ladies to complain about small portions.


One last place on the list is Kermadec Fine. This would definitely be one of the places that you can't go wrong with. With the new head chef, Anton jumping in last year, and also the revamp, the ladies will definitely be impressed by the food and view. It's definitely a place you can't go wrong with on Valentines Day. The menu is always elegant and impressive, guys just be prepared to either fork out for parking or take a longer walk.

Hope that helps you on your Valentine's Day out this week! Have a look on the Fancy section and Casual Dining section for more foodie inspiration.

And..The venue hasn't been decided for us so help me in the comments below or on Facebook!




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