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The White Rabbit

I had heard great things about The White Rabbit and was surprised to find its home in the corner of Customs Street where it used to be a bar. All transformed into a clean, white and modern cafe during the day.


Feeling particularly carnivorous that day, I couldn’t resist the hand cut duck burger, parfait, apple & celeriac, house chips. I am a burger lover but have never been given the option of a duck burger before. Something relatively non-greasy suited me though.

Luckily when it came, it wasn’t one of those ginormous burgers that leaves you with juices running down your elbows. It was, however, so juicy and perfectly done with a generous smattering of parfait to elevate the sophisticated flavours. The fries were satisfying huge and being an eager beaver, I ended up being speechless and in pain while tossing the fluffy potato inside my mouth. Burger – 2, Cecilia – 0.


I also tried the chicken with squash, broccoli, almond and farro. It came as a good size  and I was surprised the chicken wasn’t overdone even when it came in fine slices.

The service was friendly and genuine, and our water topped up before I got thirsty. Having eaten at so many fine cafes and restaurants around the Auckland CBD I’m starting to develop a real jealousy for those who work around the area! The White Rabbit would be great for lunch or even after work drinks and dinner. There’s an understated simplicity that I like. It isn’t full of smartly dressed important looking corporate people, or people rushing to get their coffees down. Instead, seeing people working with their laptops or reading magazines at the open table brings a welcome ambiance, a state of enjoying themselves without the constant need to tick things off. Something we all need to enjoy more of.


The White Rabbit

Ph: (09) 801 6027

69 Customs Street East,




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