The Unbakery

So on a chilly spring day we decided to have lunch at this busy unbakery – where nothing is heated above 40 degrees -everything is mixed, chopped, blended. Take a peek into the kitchen, and you’ll see no stove, no microwave, nothing that would give a hint of heat.

Even their coffee is cold (if you’re a coffee drinker, you might want to give them a try). I would never think of having a cold brew coffee, especially in NZ, but it seems these guys are here to make it happen. Bear in mind, we’re not talking about iced coffee, we’re talking about cold brew coffee. According these guys, cold brew coffee will be less aromatic than a hot brew, but will also have less acidity. And compared to iced coffee? It tastes fresher since iced coffee is hot brew poured on ice and will tend to taste old.


Another thing I noticed… I was the only guy sitting in this unbakery – that’s right, since everything is organic with no meat, this place is a huge hit with the ladies who like to be healthy or love a good detox.

With a menu that changes weekly, I think this would be The Unbakery’s biggest flaw. Imagine trying something awesome (like an organic pad thai) one week, and then being disappointed with the menu the next because there was nothing that interested you.


We started with dessert – a chocolate tart and a raspberry cheese cake – rich and creamy but you won’t feel it to be too heavy because of how cold everything is. Though looking at their cabinet, I’m tempted to back to try everything else.

This was followed by a Mexican salad – the portion was definitely generous, with a guacamole and home made tomato flax crackers – a tasty and refreshing mix but we found we just couldn’t finish!


And to drink, after asking the nice Brazilian waitress what she’d recommend – I went for the cacao super smoothie, intrigued by the mix of ingredients: almond milk, banana, cacao, vanilla, dates. If you like trying new things – you’ll love this – bitterness of cacao with the sweet thickness of banana and dates.


By the time I was half way through my drink, I was freezing! Especially during in the chilly early spring weather..coming to the conclusion that I would never come during winter.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to go back during a hot summers day – for the dessert and smoothies!


Little Bird Organics Unbakery 

385 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland

+64 09 550 7377



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