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The Stamford Knights

Smacked right in the middle of Auckland central’s busy Albert Street, I never really thought much of Stamford Plaza, until recently when they became famous for high tea.

T’was a windy rainy day that brought us to Knights on Albert. After fighting through Auckland’s horrendous bipolar weather we came dripping to a standstill in the foyer of Stamford Hotel. Maybe it was the warm golden lighting and cushiony seats but I felt like I had just been given a hot chocolate to warm my hands with.

The quiet sophistication of Knights of Plaza calmed me down from the battle outside and instantly picked me up. I love places with warm lighting but admittedly it’s not the best lighting for photos (unless of course you want to look like ompa lumpas). So please excuse the poor photos that are to follow!

Rayshurshur’s Entree: Seared Scallops

Every time I order scallops for my entree I always wonder how big the actual entree will be, in some places it’ll be tiny, in others it’ll be quite big. This was actually quite a big entree – the main thing I remember was seeing the size of the scallops, they were HUGE. What a way to open up your appetite, with big juicy scallops and creamy parfait!
Cecilia’s Entree: Venison

This always happens when we go out for dinner, Cecilia’s entree will always look a lot better than mine. It feels as though someone made sure her entree was more aesthetically pleasing or something. You can see the puree nicely smudged, and the venison cooked and cut from small to big, brown on the outside and red in the middle. The orzo (a type of pasta) stacked neatly, not a stain to be found around the plate! I sense jealousy…

We both ordered the eye fillet – after all what could go wrong with a thick piece of steak? Steaks are easy to cook but hard to truly satisfy.We’ve had way too many overdone or undercooked oozing rare steaks. While this one was cooked a tiny bit more than mid rare, it was pink and tender, juicy to the mouth.

Complimented by romesco sauce, a stuffed tomato with duck parfait and shitake and parma wrapped beans on the side, it’s quite a detailed dish. Too bad they weren’t generous enough with the sauce though, it felt like my dish just dried up half way through – lucky the steak was still juicy!

Since we got there, Cecilia had been eyeing the dessert buffet and we were looking forward so much to it!…only to find it a bit of a letdown. It’s not much of a buffet when there’s only cake slices and truffles you could easily buy from your local patisserie! Accompanied by the standard fruit and cheese, the slices were huge so it was hard to stomach after 2 courses. On the other hand, if this was afternoon tea though… OMNOMNOM…

Final verdict? If you feel like something fancy, this is the place- I wouldn’t come here for a special occasion but more for business guests for dinner or drinks.

Knights On Albert Restaurant
Stamford Plaza Auckland
22-26 Albert Street

Phone: (09) 357 9220



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