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The Mecca Influence

Each of the 5 Mecca Cafes are in top notch locations- one in Mission Bay, Newmarket, Viaduct, Devonport and Chancery- Auckland City. Guess which one we went to?

I’d love to dine here everyday! It’s not a fancy restaurant but the stone fireplace exudes comfortable familiarity. The interior of this restaurant really gives a cozy cafe warmth, I could live here in winter!

The idea of Mecca started in Newmarket, Auckland in 1995 where people wanted an eaterie rather than a simple cafe. 15 years ago there were no other cafes like Mecca. Over the years Mecca has given its cuisine a Mediterranean influence, turning it into what we see and taste today!

I absolutely fell in love with this shrimp cocktail. The combination of avocado, shrimp and zingy lemon was nothing fancy but was a melting heaven in the mouth. See that sauce drizzled on top? Who would have thought of putting chocolate sauce on shrimp! Clearly Mecca pulled it off.

Cecilia’s main: Salt and pepper squid
This was a tiny main! It’s as if the chef peeked through the window and saw how small Cecilia was. If you know her, she always struggles to finish her food and this was just enough to satisfy her. Lightly crusted, the battered squid didn’t leave a greasy aftertaste and the squid was springy in the mouth. The light salad on the side made this a very dainty main.

However, sitting beside her it was an entirely different story. Do you remember in the last post, Rayshurshur mentioned how he loves to suck out the bone marrow? Cecilia had to watch (hear) him do his thing…

Lamb Shanks that looks nothing like lamb shanks, topped with a jumble of thyme – a very manly rough looking meal.
It looks like Rayshurshur stole all the meat off Cecilia

The lamb was actually very difficult to eat, it was juicy and full of sauce.There was no way to clean this dish up without getting your hands dirty. Sitting beside Cecilia and her dainty little main, comes the ultimate question: rip into it with hands or be civilised with a knife and fork?

Nonetheless, I found this dish to be very cliche – potatoes, lamb, thyme; nothing that jumped and yelled OMNOMNOM in my face!

Pannacotta! How many times have we featured pannacotta on Ultimate OmNoms already? So simple, so delightful. Mango and strawberry on top, surrounded by caramel sauce, perfect for summer.

Those who live on the shore may recognise this heritage scene.

I’ve always heard others say that Mecca is overrated, but it may be because there are already 5 Mecca restaurants in Auckland so it feels like a big chain, like Starbucks or The Coffee Club – after all Mecca is also a cafe.

There was a slight inconsistency in the food. Pretty entree, pretty dessert, but a lazy main. If you just feel like taking a stroll along the beach or taking the family out for a casual dinner – this is the place to relax and chill out (or how the young people say it chillax).

Mecca Cafe

1 Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland

Phone: (09) 445 9559



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  1. Lily says:

    LOL @ the custom made mains :PThe panna cotta looks devine – ah i need my sugar fix!!

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