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The Great Siamese Kingdom – Ruan Thai

Not keen to splurge on a fancy dinner in Mission Bay or have burgers for dinner, we found ourselves at the bottom of the stairs to Ruan Thai. Flicking through the handy menu outside, the dish called Gai Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa caught our eyes and sent us on spasms of laughter. No racism intended, it was this dish that persuaded us to go up those stairs and find out what it really was all about.

When we walked up, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be something pricy and leaning to the fancier side like Grasshopper on Albert Street but to my relief the decor was earthy, warm and lavishly decorated with Thai art.

I’ve only been to Thailand once, for a day. In Bangkok. But this definitely reflected what you would see in Thailand – Lots of plants and trees. Feels like you’re dining in the middle of a garden but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable.

TOONG THONG – Money bags with a mix of prawn, chicken, and Thai herbs

An amazing tantalising starter. The money bags were generously stuffed and the sweet and spicy dip gave it an exotic taste. My only gripe was that it was a shared entree! Careful though, make sure you let the heat out of the bags or else you’ll burn yourself!

Cecilia’s Gai Nuan Nang – Chicken in yellow curry, coconut milk, potato, honey, banana

We decided not to order Gai Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa- I think neither of us could have ordered it with a straight face!

I actually don’t like soft bananas but intrigued by the combination of oranges and bananas in cooking, and knowing I like sweet curries; I took the leap and ordered this. And so glad I did! I love Thai for the aromatic herbs and spices they use in their curries, but I’ve been known to down jugs of water just to semi finish a spicy Thai dish. After double confirming with the waitress that this wasn’t going to be spicy I dug into the chicken dish.

The curry was so smooth and creamy. To my relief, the banana taste wasn’t fake like banana essence and not overwhelming either. Before long, my serving of jasmine rice was finished and I found myself eyeing up Rayshurshur’s significantly larger portion. Sexist much? I may look small but I can eat a lot 🙂

Rayshurshur’s Ruan Thai Special: Roasted Chicken wrapped in bacon with special curry

My portion was not larger. Seriously, look at the photos! Cecilia’s just jealous. Every time I go into restaurants, I always look for their special dishes – it gives me the feeling that this is their signature dish. I still don’t know what that special curry is. However, what really attracted me to this dish wasn’t the special curry – it was the bacon wrapped chicken; I mean, how many curries out there have you seen with bacon wrapped chicken.

This dish definitely impressed me, the bacon didn’t fall off the chicken when it arrived. And the chicken was still juicy with the creamy curry. In fact, the curry was so rich that I only decided to finish the meat and some vegetables in the dish. Too bad it didn’t occur to me at the time, but maybe I should’ve doggy-bagged (takeaway) the left over curry.

They didn’t have a dessert menu which was a tiny bit of disappointment (ok a big disappointment on Cecilia’s side who wanted to try a traditional Thai dessert like rice pudding) but seeing that we couldn’t even finish our mains properly, it seemed appropriate to leave for a walk with tummies filled with warm curry.

I’d definitely recommend Ruan Thai if you want to try something other than the usual Pad Thai. There’s a wide range of dishes for people from mild to super spicy curry to completely non spicy.

Ruan Thai

71 Tamaki Drive
Mission Bay

Ph: 521-9004



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