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The Bridge of Sachie Nomura

“You can’t stay in a bad mood over good food”

I like that philosophy.

Food has become central to our everyday lives. It’s become so much more than just a sustenance meal three times a day!

As a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, I’ve always been attracted to Japanese restaurants for the fresh, light taste and affordable value. On one of my searches, I was delighted to see that Sachie’s Kitchen had opened its doors. Sachie’s Kitchen is normally booked out in the evenings for cooking classes and during the day, it seems uncharacteristically quiet whenever I stroll past.

Turns out Sachie’s Kitchen is only open to the public for tastings during the exclusive Monday Sushi Days. If you’re subscribed to their newsletters, you’ll also find out when they have their Pop-Up Sushi days!

The first thing that struck me when I first walked into Sachie’s Kitchen wasn’t the delicacies on the table, but the cheerful voice of Sachie calling out from inside.

We had the privilege of chatting to Sachie about her passion for food, her zeal for life, and the dedication to the community. So we conjured up a few questions just to find out a little bit more about her.

Have you always been a foodie?

I love food. It comes from my mum and grandma who used to cook these really simple but tasty meals. I was brought up hugely influenced by them! They were such great cooks and they loved to teach me. We lived in Aichi and I remember I used to climb mountains to pick herbs and roots in Western Japan and make a delicious meal with the fresh food.

So why New Zealand then?

I’ve been here for ages now! I first moved here when I was a uni student. I was going to go to the States but wound up here instead thanks to a friend’s friend. I was fortunate to learn from some top Japanese chefs when they were on their OEs in Auckland. They taught me how to cook really amazing food, but most of the recipes taught here are actually my family recipes handed down through generations.

And now I’m here to stay after I met my husband Nick!

If you weren’t working in the restaurant industry, where would you be now?

Life is just too short. I would always be in this business.  After two people I knew passed away, I realised nothing is impossible for you if you build a plan and follow through. I love working from nothing, to create something amazing. Follow your passion and don’t let life decide what you should have to do. If you don’t have the financial resources at the moment, then save up for it! What you can do- give it your best shot.

I have a huge blackboard upstairs which is like my big brainstorm. Whenever I have an idea, I put it up there. And whatever I write down – it becomes true! Look at my first business plan- it’s just over there in the pink frame. It’s our brainstorm when we first had the idea for Sachie’s Kitchen.

Sachie’s Kitchen is like a bridge between Japan/Asia and New Zealand/Rest of the World. We want passionate people to have a chance to shine! Which is exactly what we’re doing with Brigade 6.

What’s Brigade 6, is that your next project?

Yup and it’s very exciting! We’ve managed to congregate six of the top Head Chefs from the modern dining generation to come together and teach 5 classes each only, with their interpretation of Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian and Chinese cuisine. On the line up we have Warren Turnbull from District Dining in Britomart/Sydney and Assiete in Sydney, Gareth Stewart from Soul in Viaduct, Jason Van Dorsten from Cafe Hanoi in Britomart, Hayden McMillan from Tribeca in Parnell, Mark Harman from Dine by Peter Gordon and Nick Honeyman from Cru at Sale Street. It’ll be very exciting as all are finalists or winners in the 2011 Culinary/Hospo Awards in Australia and NZ!


The food isn’t going to be anything too fancy. We’re going to use everyday ingredients to create a simple but tasty meal that you can cook at home! It’s a unique chance for all the chefs to come together and just talk about what they’re best at- cooking food!

Why the name Brigade 6?

Actually it was going to be called Brigade 7- I had it perfectly in mind for a photo! 6 guy chefs and a girl. But in the end we decided to call it Brigade 6 because it seems to flow better. And Brigade is a chef’s term. The only difference is our Brigade is six Head Chefs!

And a quick search in Wikipedia shows: Brigade de cuisine is a system of hierarchy found in restaurants and hotels employing extensive staff, commonly referred to as “kitchen staff” in English speaking countries.

Can’t wait for it! So before we finish up and eat some of your amazing sushi. Do you think sushi should be eaten with hands or chopsticks?

Just be comfortable. Most people use chopsticks but feel free to use the hand to get the feel of the sushi. You can’t be uncomfortable around your food if you’re going to be eating it!

Fusion or traditional sushi?

Whatever is tasty! In Japan, we make more of the traditional sushi – with cooked ingredients so it lasts longer. Here in NZ, we tend to use fresh ingredients because we can get the fresh ingredients.

So are there any bigger plans that you have for Sachie’s Kitchen? 

Sachie’s Kitchen is only one of the many things I have plans for – same with Brigade 6, like I said, I want to become a bridge between people and good food, allowing them to understand that making good food is actually really simple. Sachie’s Kitchen is only one of the many things I have in my plans. Keep an eye out for a new primetime show that I’m doing about travelling to Asia and eating Asian food – kind of like Rick Stein..and shh we’ll be investigating Sachie’s Kitchen to maybe hit Sydney!

So there you have it! Just a few questions answered by the passionate sushi master Sachie Nomura. If you get a chance on Mondays, go in early and try out the sushi! Sachie’s Kitchen is open from 11.30pm but the locals start knocking on the door at 11:15 to get their favourite sushi before they sell out! They are definitely fresh and delicious! How do I know? Just after I started taking photos, people started the emptying plates fast. Luckily for us, there were some left for lunch after we finished talking!

Check the website for more details on the cooking classes and don’t forget to Like our Facebook pages to see what’s coming up!

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