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Thai Me Up And Feed Me!

It makes me smile when businesses get their names right in a smart and quirky way. I’ve heard great things about the food at Thai Me Up already so when we saw a daily coupon deal, we were quick to hit buy!

But like most of the people that bought the coupon, it seemed too many left it to use it on the last day.

Who enjoys Thai curry? We do! But surprisingly for this early dinner in Ponsonby Auckland, we didn’t order any curry at all.

We ordered quite a few appetizers and entrees to satisfy our Thai cravings, some similar to our last Thai Cuisine post.

I was so surprised when this came out – crispy prawns, wrapped in egg noodles. When I ordered this I was picturing something average looking to come out. The prawn was definitely juicy, but the noodles ended up slightly soggy.

Here’s the typical Cecilia – Always wanting to try everything, Thai Me Up’s menu is actually quite extensive so I guess someone had to come up with a mixed entree dish – spring roll, puff, money bag, and a satay chicken skewer.

Vegetarian Puff – I’m not a vegetarian, but this was definitely my favourites for the evening. Why? Check out how fresh that looks! It was still scolding on the inside.

Mystic Duck – Roasted duck on top of vegetables with Thai Me Up Mushroom Sauce

Pad Tom Yum – Stir fried Mixed Seafood with lemon grass, chili, vegetables, and herbs

Favourites of this dish? The huge scallops and the prawns definitely!

Don’t get me wrong – I loved the dish, but the one thing that annoyed me the most was what looked like frozen vegetables!… not a big fan..

Our rice, no this was not Cecilias’s doing! (well apart from the fashionable horns). They shaped the rice in different moulds like stars and this cartoon person which was a cute surprise.  It really shows it’s all in the little details and extra effort that puts the smile on diners’ faces.

The restaurant itself was a tiny little place, though on that night, the little place was packed and patrons were restricted to 45 min time slots! What a shame. Everything did seem to be a bit more rushed than usual – maybe because they had to serve more people than they were capable of… Though if it was a quiet Tuesday night? I bet the atmosphere would’ve been even better =)



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6 Responses to Thai Me Up And Feed Me!

  1. Bunny Eats Design says:

    I’ve only been here once for a birthday dinner but I really enjoyed myself. One of our party had 1 arm in a cast so the friendly staff helped him out by making his meal super easy to eat with one hand (he ordered a meal that usually requires 2 hands to eat)

    The horns look great on the rice man! We noticed use of rice moulds a lot when we were in Thailand. It’s cute to see them used here too.

    Your photos are fantastic. What camera/lens do you use?

    • Wow, that’s super nice of the staff! i really loved the moulds! we just got our hands on a canon 60mm 2.8 :). awesome but it means the food looks super closeup haha. what about yourself? ahhh! we should have met up at the seafood festival! we missed out on the kina shots … 🙁

  2. Bunny Eats Design says:

    I have a Nikon with kit lens and also a 50mm but would prefer to swap it with a 35mm so it’s not so close. My sister shot with her Canon and 50mm lens at the seafood festival and was funny when she had to get up and walk metres back to take some of the photos. I don’t think missing out on the kina shot was a big deal. Let’s just say I would have gone back for seconds. Did you enjoy the festival?

    • ah nice you’re a Nikon shooter! yea 35mm would be much nicer! that’s why in most of our posts we usually use a small compact Canon cos it gets a bit too much in restaurants sometimes

  3. Phoebe says:

    oh my gosh this is like one of my best mates’ fave restaurant. Food is cheap for an upper class restaurant as this and its so good!!!!

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