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Swish Swash Seafood mania – Swashbucklers

On this Friday night we celebrated the return of a good friend Sandy, fresh from Ozland. Sorry for the lack of OmNom friends photos for the great company of 9 people that we had, it is a food blog afterall! Seafood lovers, you’re in for a treat. Our target was Swashbucklers. Those on the shore might be familiar with the huge neon sign on the left just after you get off the bridge.
We haven’t found many of Aucklands themed restaurants so you can imagine my delight when we first walked in. Loud and crowded, the decor with wooden floors, fishes and painted blue made me feel like I stepped on board a ship.

ARRRR let’s see what pirates eat. Apparently, fish n chips, seafood platters, and lots of seafood choices.

Loved the novelty of the paper menu!
As extensive as the menu was, it took me some time to finally decide on what to get. As much as I felt like a scotch fillet that night, it was seafood we came here for!

Crumbed scallops – they weren’t the biggest scallops but they went so well with the aioli. Forget popcorn chicken, I wish I had a whole box of these every time I went into the movies!

Pacific Rock Oysters
Not the biggest I’ve had, but there’s no entree that’s more refreshing than these oysters with some lemon jus. Especially when the whole place is packed and boiling!

Their seafood platter has the most variety and is more generous than any other place I’ve been to. Oysters, prawns, mussels, shrimp, scallops AND it comes with a salad with a magical potion sauce. 

All you foodies out there may think that Rayshurshur has eaten things from all over the world – and the truth is, I have eaten a lot. But I have never had a tuna steak before. This was my first. The photo really explains how nicely cooked it was – mid-rare – it tasted even better (a bit like sashimi, but then it is raw fish) lean and fresh with the avocado and sweet chili.

Eating something for the first time is like meeting someone for the first time. First impressions count. And this tuna here really gave me a nice impression. Sorry Cecilia, I guess you will always have the perfect steak eye fillet, and I will always have the perfect tuna steak!

There’s times when I hate sitting opposite Rayshurshur, like when he does his OMNOM face, but this time he was just enjoying the food too much to even do that face. Before I could ask for a second mouthful, the tuna was ALL GONE and all I got instead was a guilty face.

I ordered the smoked salmon linguini which was amazingly creamy. I crammed myself full of smoked salmon for the first few mouthfuls but it really got too rich and Rayshurshur had to polish off the rest for me (yes, even after that tuna steak). The sides were massive, the basket of chips that came with the linguini was enough to share with the whole table.

I’d definitely recommend Swashbucklers for a good night out with friends. We were way too full to even order dessert! There are lots of places that specialize in different types of food, for Swashbucklers it’s seafood. They’re nothing fancy (their cuisine especially), but their seafood was fresh. And I love fresh!

23B Westhaven Dr
Auckland 1010, New Zealand

(09) 307 5979



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