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Sweet Cuisine – Clooney

Everyone has heard of Milse. Now famous for the long queues outside the little shop, I can still remember the first time I stepped inside. Who can forget that “whoa” moment taking in all the beautiful macarons and gateaus in the cabinet? And the first taste of the gelato stick or hot chocolate?

Now taking it into their own hands, husband and wife duo Brian and Roselle Campbell have created Sweet Cuisine pop-ups as real time crowd funding for their own dessert shop. I met them and interviewed them earlier this year and they are just the sweetest and most talented team.

Ever since I heard about their pop-ups I knew it was a must to go. However popping up on Mondays, I had a few excuse boulders in the way.

1. I always feel like I hadn’t done enough to treat myself on a Monday night. The week would have just started and suffering the woes of a first year teacher, Monday nights = switching to nana mode.

2. Can I arouse my inner food fattie to eat 4 courses of dessert? Well, the answer to that was easy.

DSC03174Clooney had always been on my radar for special occasions but other places had always gotten in the way. When word got out that we would get to dine at the flash Belle Epoque room downstairs with the open kitchen, all my excuses seemed irrelevant.

It was the first time Sweet Cuisine had a communal dining format with a long table seating only 18 people. At the beginning, most people talked within their groups but being opposite interesting strangers, it was easy to start conversations. I went with fellow foodie and blogger Amy from My Dining Journey and we found out we were right next to amazing chefs and bakers. Convenient right? Turns out it was all planned with the thoughtful intentions of Brian and Roselle. Haha! Talk about knowing your customers well 🙂

DSC03177First course: Granny smith apple, feijoa, Heilala vanilla and ginger.

Once I got over the initial thought that the egglets were not white chocolate, it was even harder to get over how cute they were. As a first course, I loved how light it was and almost teasing because soon everyone was scraping their eggs to get to that beautiful ginger which lay at the bottom. The combination of granny smith, vanilla and feijoa was a winner.

DSC03182Second course: Pineapple, passionfruit, coconut, banana and dulcey.

It had the look of a beautiful Milse dessert but it didn’t have the dark imprint of the overshadowing HIP group. I LOVED the small moichi-like balls on the side. Luckily the red chocolate ball was already halved. The rest of us just had to exercise our demolition skills as we tried to calmly break the case without sending shards across the table to our new friends.

DSC03192Third course: Figs, quince, honey, chestnut and oats

This is where the flavours got interesting and complex. I’m not a fig person so I wasn’t sure where my tastebuds would take me. If it was a normal degustation, I would consider this the mains. It was quite filling from the oats. The conversation took a funny turn with someone tentatively asking whether we were meant to eat the skin on figs. Even as “self acclaimed foodies” we didn’t have a straight answer! Most people though, ended up eating the whole thing. Even I enjoyed it, although I couldn’t expect any less coming from the Campbell kitchen!

DSC03198Fourth course: Valrhona chocolate, blackcurrant, coffee and hazelnut.

Oh my. Totally the climax of the night. Not only stunning to look at, I was so inspired by the different textures that Brian had created on the dish. From the marshmallow to the mini magnum, my thoughts were only affirmed by the “oh wow“s around the table as everyone tucked into it.

It was a pleasure watching Brian and his team at work. There was a calm aura as they lovingly put the desserts together. All the dishes were so clever and I know I left more inspired. As I came home to finish my marking, I knew I didn’t make a mistake in breaking out of my nana mode. Starting off the week sweet was an uplifting start to the week. And knowing that macarons and cookies would be my morning tea for the next day kept the smile on my face. Even if I had accidentally squashed them in my bag (sorry Roselle!).

Keep an eye out for their next pop-up! There’s always something interesting about each one and they’re popping up at restaurants like Orphan’s Kitchen, Meredith’s and Ima Deli. And if you haven’t already seen it, here’s the interview with Brian Campbell if you didn’t catch it the last time.



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