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As with any Hip Group eatery, you’ll recognise Rosie by the contemporary decor and clean lines that attract young people for being effortlessly chic. If you’re like me and you love Ortolana, you’ll love the softer and more relaxed atmosphere here. There’s detail in everything! If I could take something home, I’d go for the woven brown chairs that on one hand are beautiful and elegant, but are firm and practical enough to sit and eat on.

With an open kitchen stretched across the front, it gives you the illusion that you had walked into someone’s elaborate dining room with a beautiful chandelier in the middle. Cabinet displays full of beautiful desserts lie across the front and it makes me want to come back to Rosie during the day to experience the cafe culture.


Like other menus found at other Hip Group eateries, the menu almost looks like a shopping list, which to the undiscerning eye – can look like a jumble of ingredients. For some reason, you’ll feel assured that the chef has a purpose for throwing the bunch of uncommon ingredients together. This can be refreshing, it can also put people out of their comfort zone – not knowing exactly what to expect out of the kitchen!


The lamb was beautiful and melted in my mouth. Even with the pieces sprawled across the plate artistically, you actually get a lot of meat on the menu. My only gripe was that the sauce was bit sour and overpowered the natural sweetness of the lamb.


The boys ordered “spatchcock” in an attempt to be adventurous to try something unfamiliar. Which turned out to be chicken. Boys being boys, they joked about it looking like KFC chicken on a plate, but so much more succulent and without the grease. That’s a tick!


Celery root, peanut brulee

Be warned, the dessert sizes are big! If you’re already full from the meal and crave something sweet, I would opt for something from the cabinet instead. The combination of flavours were creative and the promised “celery root” adorned the top of the brulee. It reminds me of the dried persimmon I used to make at home – sweet and chewy.

Away from the central buzz in Parnell, it makes for easy meet and eat. I’m a fan of dining places that serve fresh and contemporary food. A place where you can sit back and relax after a day’s hard work without going through the pulse of the city hub. One visit isn’t enough to satisfy – I’ll be back during the day to try more!



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