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Published on August 14th, 2015 | by rayshurshur


Ramen Takara

A few years ago a small Japanese Ramen restaurant opened up in Browns Bay – this place looks more like a bar than your typical Japanese restaurant. Ramen Takara is one of those places that never really gets the publicity it deserves. A few months back, they finally opened up a new branch in Ponsonby – which gives the place a good kick for publicity.

Now what makes this place so distinctive is the fact that this restaurant matches the description of what you would see in the movies of a traditional ramen place. What’s even better? The owner-chef Yuki actually grew up watching her own father work in a ramen restaurant at the foot of Mount Fuji; so you know she’s the real deal, passing on the traditions of a genuine Japanese ramen restaurant.

DSC00155Mabo Tofu

If you ever end up here for lunch or dinner, order the side dishes, definitely try the spicy mabo tofu (this is a Chinese dish, but since it’s so good, I think we can let Takara take the points), and the karaage chicken (remind me to find out where the Top 10 Karaage Chicken dishes in Auckland are). Dumplings – Slight disappointment as they came out dry, but hey, the other dishes really made up for it.

DSC00165Steamed Gyoza

DSC00161Free Range Karaage ChickenDSC00157Pork Belly Spring Rolls

DSC00147 Tom Yum Ramen

Ramen: Small dishes aside, this is what the fuss is really about (after all, the place is called Ramen Takara). Generous amounts of vegetables, meat, and noodles where you can pick choose all you want; this is what ramen is about. Judging by the quality of the noodles (fresh, and not over cooked so that it’s soggy), you know the staff know their stuff. If you’re wanting a filling lunch or dinner that’s the real deal – this is the place.

PS. Don’t forget to make the slurping noises when downing the ramen.

Ramen Takara 

Browns Bay

4 Anzac Road, Browns Bay
Auckland, New Zealand

09 476 6041


272 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Auckland, New Zealand

09 360 6111



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