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Proper Italian Pizza – Covo

This gem of a restaurant sits casually on Fort Street- perfect for a dinner drop-in in town. Everyone that’s been to Covo has nothing but positive praises for this little restaurant. So after leaving a little message on their Facebook Page to make sure there’s room for all seven of us, it was on the diary!

Jonathan and Mrudula with their entree – Dolly “La Pecora” – Lamb meatballs with baby spinach

Covo’s Garlic Bread

Something simple to snack on while we talked. I was impressed the bread wasn’t covered in olive oil – nice and dry but still tasty!

Rayshurshur’s Seafood Cannelloni for the evening – Prawns, mussels, scallops.

I thought this portion size was perfect. On the outside it looked ridiculously cheesy, but after slicing into the dish – they were quite generous with the seafood! Prawns, scallops – I have to say, if this was a creamy white sauce it would’ve been too overwhelming for me. Good job on the red sauce!

Johnny “Buried” – tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, parmesan and cherry tomatoes

The pizza was MASSIVE. The owner kindly told us to order the extra large for a better deal and this is half of the extra large! Imagine each quarter was the size of my hand. Unlike the takeaway pizzas with a sludge of tomato sauce on the bottom and blanketed with thick cheese, Covo’s pizza felt fresh and amazing.

Needless to say, I only got through a hand sized portion before I surrendered it to…Mr OmNoms- as nicknamed by the crew on Covo’s Facebook Page 🙂


Four years ago I went on a Europe tour and had proper Italian pizza – in Italy. These guys are the first place to serve that same type of pizza I had – everything was so crude and raw on the pizza – seemed like the only thing that mattered was the sauce and the base, everything else was additional.

Jonathans’ Beef Bolognase

Srins’ Carbonara with olives instead of bacon – changed without a fuss!

Something to watch out for the ladies – Covo’s portions are quite large! Especially if you’re having some rich creamy pasta… omnomnom

Our waiter for the evening – joining us right in the middle

Forget other “authentic” Italian places. I think I’ve found the one. The zest and passion of the Italian kitchen was evident in all their staff and passed onto their food.

I actually had no idea the CBD branch of Covo would be this tiny. Even with having three branches across Auckland, they don’t give the impression of being something that’s commercial and overrated – why? Because of the passion – I actually couldn’t care less about which side my food is served on or how the waiters should walk; all I care about is passion – if the staff are passionate and friendly then I think that’ll definitely brighten your experience a bit!

This branch is tiny , but if you’re hungry and want to go somewhere that’s relaxed; Covo’s the place.

44 Fort Street
Phone: 09 377 9290



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