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Chat with Masterchef Nadia Lim

Since winning the coveted NZ Masterchef title in 2011, “Nude Food” advocate Nadia Lim has gone from her dietician days to authoring her own cookbook Nadia's Kitchen, and hosting cooking events all over New Zealand. We had the chance to chat to her at a number of these events and she agreed to an OmNoms interview to share her kitchen secrets with all you foodies!

How has your life changed since winning Masterchef?

I work full time in the food industry now, other than that I’m still the same!

What are your top three favourite ingredients?

That’s like asking me what my three favourite songs are…it depends what I’m cooking/ what I feel like eating… however lemons, herbs, olive oil I couldn’t live without. Sesame oil, Harissa paste and soy sauce are also essentials in my pantry.

What is the one kitchen utensil you can't live without?

I love my mortar and pestle and my microplane.

Would you change anything in the NZ food scene?

No, I think its heading in the right direction already! I recently returned from a trip around Europe and gosh, NZ is right up there with our food! We are very lucky to have access to such fantastic produce and talent in NZ. Our Kiwi chefs punch well above their weight!

The most embarrassing thing you’ve done in your kitchen/presenting?

On the Good Morning show a year ago when I made a chocolate mousse. In between doing my cooking prep and sitting on the couch for an interview, my melted chocolate cooled too much and when I went back to the kitchen (while being filmed live) to put the mousse together, it split! On national live TV! So I turned it into a ‘what-not-to-do’ lesson for the audience!

Who taught you everything you know?

I’ve picked up food/cooking tips and tricks from lots of people – chefs and home cooks – my dad who is a very good cook, my mum, and a lot I have learnt myself through trial and error.

What inspires you to create new dishes?

The produce itself usually – colours and flavours jump out at me, often guiding me what to make!

What is your favourite comfort food?

It will probably always be mac n’ cheese as it’s the first dish I remember watching mum make as I sat at the breakfast bar… browned onions will always be one of my favourite smells.

Do you have one top tip for home cooks?

Make it fun, don’t take it too seriously!

It's always an inspiration to talk to chefs who have made their passion their life. Hearing about their comfort foods and home cooking makes them seem like our next door neighbours..and most times, we end up eating along with them! Who would you like us to talk to next? And which good restaurants would you like us to visit next time? Post them on our Facebook page! We'll be sure to check them out.

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