Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar


It’s been a full week since the arrival of the neighbourhood’s friendliest cookie bar. Every time “Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar” is mentioned, eyes light up around the table.

Standing waiting outside for 15 minutes was pure torture while waiting for the remaining member of the team. Everything is freshly made instore so the irresistable aroma of the cookies baking makes one feel like they just walked into their mother’s kitchen. Memories of coming home to huge batches of cookies just wafted back into my mind. Strategic location with loads of uni students and workers waiting for their buses ;).

For the full 2 hours we were sitting at the bar, a steady stream of cookie monsters were streaming in from Wellesly Street. Owner Deanna barely had time to catch her breath between each eager face but gave each customer her full cheerful smile and undivided attention as though they were her first ever customer.  Amazing for someone who only had time to sneak a couple hours sleep each night since opening.  

“It was always something I wanted to do” she beamed with a twinkle in her eye. Freshly graduated with a communication degree, she used all the money she saved up during her studies to complete her dream.

And it was a dream come true for all those toddlers coming to oogle at the huge glass jars filled with cookies twice the size of their little hands. Complete with little jars to dunk your cookies in, you can choose between chocolate, strawberry or regular milk. You have to be quick for the chocolate milk though! When we came in at 2pm, it was already crossed off the blackboard.

The OmNoms team also claimed the last oreo cookie it seems. We smiled smugly at each other when a customer after us asked for the popular cookie. This cookie is the real deal. Chunks of oreo and marshmallowy goodness etched into the trademark chewy Moustache cookie.

The last Oreo Cookie!

Cinnamon on the left, Macadamia on the right

The milkshakes are to die for. Created with premium Kohu Road ice cream, the creamy goodness chased the warm cookie down my throat to make one satisfying afternoon tea.

A second visit is a must. Their salted caramel milkshake is already top on my list but make sure you get there betweeen Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm before the cookies are all gone!

Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar 

 12 Wellesley Street West




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