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Since blogging, I have been very fortunate to meet amazing chefs and foodies from a whole range of backgrounds. Mondays Wholefoods was created in 2014 by bloggers Eleanor Ozich (Petite Kitchen) and Hannah Horton (Health Yeah), united by their passion of organic and nourishing food. I so looked forward to seeing the recipes materialise in a physical shop.

Just looking at the menu makes you feel healthier. From smoothies, salads to sourdough sandwiches, the most attractive items are probably their raw vegan desserts and gluten free baking.

With smoothies priced at $9.50, you better expect something premium to come out of the kitchen. Oh these smoothies are not shy. I had the Wilderness: dandelion, kale, spinach, celery, kiwifruit, pear, banana, spirulina, goji berries, bee pollen, filtered H20. That’s the most ingredients I’ve ever seen in a smoothie. It’s so green that I almost felt a plant growing inside of me. Unlike other smoothies priced at that point, I wasn’t full after drinking it. It could either be the raw health food factor or it really wasn’t enough to fill me.

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I had the blue corn nachos which were quite dry. I felt like they could have used more oil in the making, which would be totally against their healthy philosophy..However, I liked the spicy tang of the roasted tomato pepper sauce with chipotle dressing. If you are a spicy wimp like me, you can douse the spice down with the sour cream.


I loved the fact Mondays was so hidden down a driveway, you’d never stumble upon it unless you knew it was there. It was quaint and everything felt homemade. I spent almost $30 on a smoothie and lunch item which is really pricy for a casual brunch. I would go back to try their raw desserts instead of expecting a full meal. Their raw desserts are what they are famous for and I’m always curious to learn how to make healthier alternatives. If you are into the health food scene, it could be your cup of tea. Their smoothies are probably the most aesthetically pleasing in Auckland but unless you have a small stomach, don’t expect to be full!


(ph) 09 8497693

503B New North Road

Kingsland, Auckland



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