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Published on May 25th, 2015 | by Ultimate OmNoms



This is a test to see if you are a true ice cream lover.

Would you eat this right now?

Mellow-03587Granted, I went last week just before the icy cold really got through to my fingers. It didn’t stop that momentary zap of brain freeze with the shaved ice though.

Yay for cold stone ice cream now available in Auckland! Seeing it made right in front of me was quite a performance – (click HERE for the video) from chopping the pan, to crafting the ice cream rolls. The texture is quite interesting – almost feathery because of the way it was rolled. It then melts into a creamy pool in your mouth. I thought it was a steal at $5.

Mellow-03591I also tried the regular Roasted Grain Shaved Ice at $7.50. I had only eaten shaved ice at Meet Fresh, Momotea and the likes before so I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and airy the shaved ice was. Get a bit of everything on the spoon! Filled with red bean, almond flakes, peanut shavings – I loved it. Not as sweet and syrupy as mango or intense like green tea, it was a new flavor combination in for me. The only downside was the half-hearted swirl of yoghurt on the side that made the dish droop like a sad face. Spying on others, the rest all came out in perky swirls though so maybe that particular waiter just needs some McDonald’s soft serve training!


I went to Mellow wanting something sweet after dinner. Just after 7:30pm, the cabinet still had enticing choices of macarons, cake slices and tarts.

Mellow-03572However, crepe cake! I had always wanted to try crepe cake, but the layers of cream and jam was all too rich of a sight for me. Maybe next time.


Mellow is a really cute and modern chic cafe. Think of its neighbour The Shelf on High Street with their cute decor, it has the same modern Korean style. Bright with the stylish plush sofas all in the white and Tiffany teal blue, it has all the appeal to make passerbys walk just a little slower to look inside.

I’d come back again to try the richer options, perhaps not after a big meal next time!



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