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Market Cafe

Waking up bleary eyed to the beautiful sun but totally lacking energy, it’s one of those days where you have to treat yourself to breakfast at your local cafe.

I love the pulse of central cafes but it’s always a pleasure to head to places out of the rush. The Market Cafe inside the Fish Market is one of those where you are guaranteed great coffee and time out at your own leisure.


Love the quote on the back of the coffee cup – while I’m still wrapped in a light scarf, my mood is already settling for the beautiful summer days ahead. The coffee was smooth with enough kick for me to start appreciate the sun instead of squinting it hungover style.


This breakfast bagel surprised me with generous amount of smoked salmon, tomato relish and mayo. While the side salad was doused in sauce, the leaves were still lively and crisped in my mouth.


Not exactly an eggs benedict on the menu, it was enough to make you think it was with the salmon and poached egg. Everything seemed pretty standard – first egg was perfectly poached, the second  was overdone but not enough to get worked up about. The thing that brought this breakfast to life was the smoked salmon  – and especially when hot smoked salmon is not normally a preference for me – good job Auckland Fish Market!

Sitting there indulging in the Bach Espresso coffee, it made me wonder: why doesn’t the coffee I make at home taste as good as cafe coffee?

Every day my Instagram feed is flooded with photos of coffee. Mainly to show off the latte art, but it really shows how ingrained coffee is in our culture.

And of course, New Zealanders are known for drinking copious amounts of coffee. Having gone to numerous cafes and dipped into countless number of coffees, one thing that always comes up when I talk to the baristas is – what makes a good cup of coffee?


There’s probably a few things we should remember:

1) Keep it clean and fresh

From keeping equipment squeaky clean to buying good quality freshly roasted beans, you should always aim to consume the beans within one month. Most coffee experts suggest using whole beans within 2 weeks of their roast date. So instead of chugging down more coffee in the morning and making your heart rate skyrocket, just buy smaller amounts of roasted beans.

2) Water, water, water

While coffee beans do make all the difference – there’s one other ingredient that’s overlooked: water. In New Zealand, we can thrust our glass at the tap for a casual drink but that’s not the way to make a brilliant cuppa. If you’re seriously into perfecting it, you should get premium filtered water – not distilled.

3) Keep it professional

I’ve sat in cafe head offices where the big boss gets brought in cups of coffee to swirl his finger in and sip to ensure each cup of coffee is made to a consistent grade. Let’s not forget that your local barista is a trained professional whose job is to make great coffee.

So here begins my coffee journey to perfect the cuppa at home. Having loved the coffee back at The Market Cafe, we spotted the name Bach Espresso and went ahead to the supermarket to grab some. Wish us luck! And tell us what other coffee making tips you have!




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