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The Lunchroom

If you work in Auckland CBD – rejoice!

I’ve been told it’s quite onerous and stressing to be tasked with finding a spot for a business meeting or staff lunch. To be honest, I can’t think of a better job! As one who doesn’t normally work in the CBD, I can’t help but feel quite smug as I cut through the corporate crowds on my day off from teaching. The purpose driven walk, the slick fitted suits..sometimes I miss the pulse of working in town.

I was glad to have been tipped to look out for the ANZ tower with the revolving doors because one: I had a moment of panic when I realised I was on an involuntary digital detox after leaving my phone plugged in my room. Which means two: I couldn’t even find the address through our best friend Mr G. And to make it worse, three: there were no signs whatsoever with the restaurant name.

DSC03050Lucky it has the name on the business directory on the wall. Onto level one, it’s nice to eat at higher levels above the ground. Apart from the famous Orbit, there aren’t really any places in Auckland that offers that. It’s good for people watching.

While waiting, we made guesses as to what was being made in the open kitchen. And by open kitchen, it was literally at the counter so you could see everything. Cute little balls – must be gnocchi.

When the waiter came to take the orders, it turns out the gnocchi was paired with the fish of the day. It was a unanimous decision to order the day’s special.

DSC03038I tell you, it was close to perfection. I don’t usually like ordering fish for fear it’ll turn out limp and papery but I ordered it for the love of gnocchi. You can imagine my joy when I found the swordfish to be so silky and smooth. Flavoursome with enough sauce to go around the salad and the fish, everything else was kept light to complement the gnocchi.

DSC03034Beside me, this lemon and blueberry pancake stash was being devoured. With such a generous dollop of coconut yoghurt, it looked like a dream. Mental note: must go back to try this.

It turns out The Lunch Room is pretty much exclusive to the corporate crowds. Only open from 7am – 4pm Monday to Friday, there’s no chance of catching it after work or for brunch in the weekend.

“Nourishing. Fairtrade. Organic. Hand-picked. Locally-sourced.” All the good words. The Lunch Room if you’re reading this – please extend your hours! Holidays only comes every 10 weeks or so for teachers (not complaining). Those who are lucky to work in town, your colleagues will thank you for introducing this place – go for it!

The Lunch Room

Ph: (09) 3796924

Level 1
45 Queen St
Auckland 1010
New Zealand



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