High Tea at Langham Hotel Auckland

Langham High Tea did a brilliant job of promoting their High Tea, calling it the Tiffin and making the whole experience a superb girls day out. I’ve never had a bad experience dining at Langham Hotel and this time was no exception.

There were two bridal parties when I went there – showing just how popular the high tea tradition is. There’s just something undeniably attractive about having cute petite sized cakes, scones and sandwiches served to you with gorgeous vintage tableware.

The great thing about high tea at Langham Hotel was the huge range of teas- some were self branded by Langham and ready for purchase at the counter. There was a brewing station just near us, and we were brought a small sample of the tea leaves by the tea sommelier to smell the aroma.

Tips for High Tea Etiquette:

  • When you add sugar or milk, never stir with the spoon. Instead, fold the tea gently two or three times
  • Your used spoon should be placed on the right side of the saucer
  • You should never raise your saucer while you’re drinking tea unless you are standing
  • Lemon slices are appropriate. Lemon wedges are not.

Now that you feel properly like a lady with pinkies up, let’s head onto the food!


Can you spot something missing from the 3 tiers?

Let’s get a bit closer..

If you thought we ate from top to bottom and this was the dessert platter then you’ll be surprised! The macaron is beetroot with blue cheese. So unbelievably good.

Dessert, it turns out, comes in its own trolley and is served to you with dainty white gloves. You can choose as many as you like and she promised to come back if we wanted more. Now this is the luxury decadence that I associate so much with Langham Hotel.

Even if you’re so full, you feel like you can’t eat anymore, you must try the chocolate cake with cherry cream and liqueur cherries!

Just when we thought we could bring ourselves to leave, and were putting on our jackets, we were brought a sample of a marshmallow and coffee mousse filled cornetto as a final parting gift. There’s nothing quite like a surprise dish, even at the end of a meal.

Have you had high tea at Langham Hotel before? I want to know what was your favourite! Drop a comment below or hit us up on the Ultimate OmNoms FB Page!

Tiffin at Langham

Available: 12 noon to 4.30pm

NZ$36 Monday to Friday
NZ$39.50  Saturday, Sunday and all public holidays

83 Symonds Street, P.O. Box 2771, Auckland 1001



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  1. Breigh Fouhy says:

    Do they have any gluten free options?

  2. Kelsy says:

    Hello! This is a gorgeous post, and such lovely photos! I’ve been meaning to do high tea at the Langham and thought about it for mothers day this year, but it completely slipped my mind. What a shame, next year I suppose.
    Anyhoo, you just followed me over at nz1010.wordpress.com and I meant to come here to let you know that the blog has been moved over to misscookie.co.nz. You can follow there, as well, by email or via rss. Thank you so much for following, I’d hate to have you miss out!

    • rayshurshur says:

      Hey there! Cheers! Hahaha Nice name, Miss Cookie 😀 We’re in the process of moving our blog off wordpress too… can follow us on fb though! https://www.facebook.com/UltimateOmNoms Are you based around the Shore/Central? Should organise something with all the foodies in Auckland!

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