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Fact: Hello Kitty has no mouth

My heart soared when I first heard a Hello Kitty Cafe opened in Newmarket. Not because I liked being bomboarded with pink. Or because I litter my name with hearts, hugs and kisses.

The Hello Kitty items you find in my room are more of childhood memoirs when I had an affair with pink, and everyone assumed I loved Hello Kitty. Every birthday I got something stamped with the kitty face – until I moved to New Zealand where Japanese cartoon characters became my past life and I ditched princess tutus for running shoes.


Hello Kitty latte art is exactly why I came here! When one friend quietly sighed disappointment that hers didn’t come with the trademark face, the waiter who overheard was quick to whisk it away with a smile.



This is probably something you should do to coax your kids to eat. All served with plastic Hello Kitty plates and cutlery with plastic handles.

Now I must state right here, if your sole purpose is to come here for a feed – go fill up on noodles somewhere first. Same applies for those looking for an enlightening foodie experience.

I was persistant to try their “proper food” and chose the beef tataki after hitting deadends with other choices that they ran out of. My post-boxing class body did not take the arrival of the jelly-looking beef well. Granted, they did have other options like pancakes and spaghetti that would have filled me up more but again that persistence..

IMG_1295Luckily, the glass cabinet had plenty of other sweets to choose from. You can expect supermarket type choices, but at least you’re guaranteed they have it in stock!



People watching is probably the most entertaining. Girls of all shapes and sizes, young and old. The phone cameras are out before the bum is properly planted on the seats. Duck faces, myspace angles (ref. Urban Dictionary:  a dodgy crooked angle used in photos. Usually from above the head with the arm stretched out so the face cannot be seen properly – check up the definition on Urban Dictionary for more lols). The couples with the nice, abiding (whipped) boyfriends are propped on barstools to make way for the girl group domination.


Overall, did I get the time travelling childhood experience? That hits the gong nice and strong. Complete with the cutlery with plastic handles and plastic plates. If you loved themed restaurants – you better have your camera ready. I’m going for a pink detox this week – deliberately skipping pink in my wardrobe. What a drab week it’s going to be!


Hello Kitty Cafe

1/17a Remuera Road, Newmarket

Auckland, Auckland

(09) 529 9921



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  1. We just went for desserts, and they ran out of taro pudding and durian pancake. What we did eat did not give us the courage to try one of the main items…

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