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Glenfield Night Market

So here’s something a little bit more unconventional compared to some other places we’ve been- the Glenfield Night Market!

It first started in November as you might have seen the preview photos from the Ultimate OmNoms Facebook Page. Every Sunday from 5.30-11pm, you can head over to the bottom level carpark of Glenfield Westfield Shopping Centre for a taste of street food from different countries. It’s like the flea market with so many more food stalls!

Night markets are part of the Asian culture for the amazing street food and shopping experience. There’s plastic seating around but many choose to walk and eat at the same time while browsing through the different stalls. It’s loud, it’s busy, it smells SO GOOD.

While 10pm is the busiest time over there, it’s 7pm at the Glenfield Night Market, which is probably fair enough for many who have work early the next day! Usually us Aucklanders have to wait for the annual Lantern Festival so the opening of the Glenfield Night Market was big news!

If you like the idea of sampling little dishes from different restaurants like in our Taste of NZ Experience, you WILL want to check this out!

The stall with the biggest crowd and most smoke- The famous Indian Seafood place.

Even with the long wait, it was absolutely worth it! The sauce was amazing and left us finger licking and wishing we had some rice to soak up the extra sauce!

Usually, takoyaki can be found in most Japanese restaurants but here they also have crab and prawn varieties!

The Takoyaki Master at work. I used to love the Cooking Mama game where I “learnt” how to make Takoyaki.

Forget chocolate, with this in your hand, it’s the ultimate comfort food.

Glenfield Night Market is a great place to take your whole family there. With lots of treats for kids to eat, it’s a great alternative to the family takeout evenings (possibly healthier too!)

This cotton candy man had kids and adults’ eyes sparkling with excitement! He spirals the candy wand around and around the machine and brings out THE tallest candy flosses I’ve seen.

Mysterious meat in a bun. Don’t worry, they all have English labeling so you know if it’s dog meat you’re putting in your mouth.

Coconut! It was the most refreshing thing after all the hot and spicy things!

The stalls do change here and there, but there’s always good stuff if you’re hungry!

Things to keep in mind:

– your clothes WILL smell like you’ve been to a BBQ afterwards

– bring cash, most stalls don’t have EFTPOS machines

Already been? Tell us which stalls are worth visiting, and what food you’d like to see there in the comments below!



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