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Geeks on Sainsbury

We decided to go to Geeks and Sainsbury on a whim. It had been on the back of my mind and the name reminds me of the Big Bang Theory! I could just imagine the waitors in lab coats measuring out the amount of coffee beans with a test tube. Not quite! There’s much to boast about their coffee lineup though. They serve coffee from Wellington boutique roasters Red Rabbit Co, famous for their labyrinth of flavours in a cup.

Little did I know the cafe was on the same road as Mt Albert Primary where one of my friends work.  It was jealousy galore as I browsed through the menu. I’d love a cafe with this much choice within walking distance from work, but perhaps it’s better to splurge in the weekend than afterschool highs.


The first choice on the All Day Breakfast menu was Granola. It sounded delicious with white quinoa, glazed strawberries, roasted almond with pumpkin seeds. Nothing like the chew-til-your-temples-hurt type that I have in a box at home. That set the tone of being healthy over geeky. The eggs benedict had the option of pan fried tofu with poached eggs. Heck, even the Waffles had granola in the ingredients list.

The health nut inside me rejoiced. But my stomach resisted.

Half past 12 means lunch to me, and granola wasn’t going to satisfy.

GeeksonSainsbury-03700If I told you to order pork salad, you probably wouldn’t be interested. Normally salad isn’t even paired with pork.

This obviously was no normal salad, beautifully plated and garnished on top. The sunflower encrusted shell the a standout element. Light but full of crunch, the house made chutney and shredded apple was tantalising to my sweet side.

GeeksonSainsbury-03708The eggs benedict comes in the option of Petit and Regular so you can easily satisfy your brunch craving after a round of gym. Again keeping it light, layered agria potato takes the normal place of a hash brown.


With an open bright space spilling out into the sunny outdoor setting, it’s an attractive place to be all year round. The decor is determinedly geek chic. A blackboard diagram details how seriously they take their coffee extraction method, and shelves look like they belong on Pinterest. They show the same dedication to their food. Presentation is exact, pairings are purposeful.

It’s a shame to hear that the Shore could have boasted this cafe gem. While it reminds me of Little King, it could easily take out the backsliding quality of the food there. Service was a bit unsure – there were moments where I got excited by food coming my way, only to have the waiters step on their brakes. That however, was minor and played no part in the rest of the experience. Geeks on Sainsbury, you are doing great things for Sandringham, looking forward to hearing more from you!

Geeks on Sainsbury

Ph: 09 8879836

1/55 Sainsbury Road

Mt Albert, Auckland



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