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Foxtrot Parlour

In late 2012, a new market opened up in the middle of Ponsonby – that’s right – Ponsonby Central. There’s all sorts of delightful goodies from fresh produce to quirky home decor items. We never got the chance to pop in to have a look until we were invited for a catch up with an old friend.

There’s plenty of places to have brunch in Auckland, but when you’re paying $15 to $18 for an eggs bene, you want to be soaking up as much of the cafe atmosphere as you can. Ponsonby has always offered an edge to the traditional franchised shops – be it clothing boutiques or restaurants and cafes. The word was that this little cafe was like the Little&Friday of Ponsonby – and being lovers of the fresh and indulgent food philosophy of Little&Friday, there was no reason not to check out this Ponsonby gem.

IMG_8173Empire Eggs – Le Puy Lentils and cumin with chilli tomato, coriander, and soft poached eggs.

To me, brunch might as well mean eggs. In some form or another. Always a sucker for the smoked salmon bene, this was a change to the oiled salmon and hollandaise base I usually indulge in.

For one – lentils! And two slices of generously sliced wholegrain bread. Definitely a heart foundation tick in my books. To match with the hearty homemade feel, all presented with a rustic wooden platter and steel bowl.


Loved the tomato and lentils, but couldn’t taste any chilli! Though I must admit, I do like quite a bit of spice in my dishes. There’s nothing worser than cold toast and I happily dunked my warm and crunchy triangles into the eggs and lentils.



Carrot cake

IMG_8163Lemon Meringue Tart

Lemon meringues aren’t usually the first thing to jump out at me so I’m no expert, but this one was extra grainy – if you were expecting a smooth creamy meringue, you would be disappointed. I got a bit of a surprise when I tasted the unexpected grainy-ness. Having said that, this tart can’t be the worst thing to happen to me – it was still a nice simple sweet treat for a Thursday morning!


There’s nothing lovelier than sipping coffee from beautiful oversized teacup.

We love this new cafe find. Even on a regular weekday, it was bustling and we had to act quick to snag a table for three. Parking wasn’t too much of an issue because of the carpark around the back that lets you sit for an hour free. The food was clean and fresh – not doused in oil or sauce. Best of all, it was great value at $15.50 for my empire eggs.

Basking in the artisan atmosphere of the markets next door, and surrounded by homemade goodies like jams placed proudly on shelves, it’s easy to feel comfortable in their care.  The other glass cabinet delights include cakes, pastries and pies that I know I want to hold tightly to this winter.

We’d love to explore new places in Ponsonby! Tell us where to go next on Facebook, Twitter or comment below in good old blogging style. Good cafes deserve recognition, and I know we’re not the only ones alone in our love for brunch!

Foxtrot Parlour

7 Richmond Rd (inside Ponsonby Central)

Ponsonby, Auckland

(Ph) 09 360 0014,




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