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Published on July 19th, 2020 | by Ultimate OmNoms


Baking Science – Chewy or Crispy Cookies?

Everyone has their own preferences on how their cookie should be. Living in New Zealand, one of our national treasures is the beloved Cookie Time cookie, and I’ve grown up microwaving such palm-sized creations for the perfect melted cookie.

I have also grown up knocking my teeth on Griffins chocolate chippie cookies. The kind where you clamp the cookie between your molars and angle it to snap off a bite.

Whatever your idea of a perfect cookie is, understanding the science can help you develop your go-to recipe.

Crispy cookies

Crispy cookies are actually easier to make. Soft cookies have a water concentration of 6% or higher – moisture being the variable in texture. To make cookies crispy, add less liquid or bake it in the oven for longer to dry out the dough.

Generally bake around 13-15min at 180C for a crispy cookie. But if you want a thoroughly crispy cookie – not those just charred on the outside – decrease the temperature to 140C and bake for 30min.

Chewy cookies

Sugar dissolved in baking forms a syrup as the dough heats up. Different types of sugars affect the texture because they absorb different amounts of water. Remember moisture is the key!

White sugar creates crispier cookies and brown sugar creates chewier cookies.

Extra tip

Chilling your cookie dough before baking prevents the cookie from spreading and creating cookie disasters like below. If you don’t have time or the self-control to wait overnight, pop them in the freezer.

Put it to the test!

Try this matcha & white chocolate cookie recipe or this chewy cookie recipe to find your perfect mouthful of cookie.



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