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Cheese on Toast

The toastie was something of a reward economy system at my intermediate school. These $1 toastie buns – buttered and crunchy on top, was heaped with canned spaghetti and plastered with melted cheese. Silver coins jangled in our uniform pockets, used to facilitate transactions of bribes and dares. Eventually, a 5c (a true throwback) could be just the missing piece to this very real-life maths equation.

How good. 

Cheese on Toast brings this nostalgic joy in me. You might say that toasted sandwiches are something of an ill-prepared work lunch. This is the very eye-roll inducing feeling when I hear “oh I can make this myself” come from Asian mums when dining out (bless their hearts).⁣

The truth is, who has bacon jam ready on hand? Thanks @bunhunbie for her culinary taste and opening my eyes to the amazing add-ons. It’s like someone added an extra lens to my myopic eyes at the optom. ⁣

After letting much more decisive others go ahead, I rolled with rump steak with added bacon jam. Highly recommend this, there’s something magical in their GG sauce.

Right as I was enjoying one of the best brownies I’ve ever had and spiralling into a sweet coma, owners Yang and Steve offered us an off-the-menu item of toasted cheese with a mystery dipping sauce. Mindblown. ⁣

⁣I’m in denial that lactose intolerance runs in Asian genes. But if that is the case or if I’m ever opting for something less cheesy, I’ll head straight for the mushroom toast with whipped feta and candied pepitas. They’ve got the winning combination nailed. ⁣

Great place for a relaxed lunch, away from the central busyness in Mt Eden. Can’t wait to see what comes up next at @cheeseontoastnz. The brownie with the perfect amount of underbaked fudgyness and chunky chocolate bits is still very much alive in my dreams.





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