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Published on January 18th, 2017 | by Ultimate OmNoms


Celebrating Baking Imperfections

Another year has come which means toasting to another year of procrastibaking, being overly expressive while eating..and being bribed with good food.

As a teacher, one of the hardest lessons is not to be a perfectionist. There’s a fine line between giving everything your best, and feeling like a failure because it wasn’t spot on to the bullseye.

The same goes with baking. I always start out with a certain picture in my head. It never turns out that way. And so stress ensues. I realised the severity of this situation when chatting while cake decorating. In between actual conversation, I was muttering “you’re so ugly..” cursing the cake before I even finished!

Step one is – laugh it off!

Here’s a cake where I accidentally used castor sugar for the icing instead of icing sugar. Mhmm another texture dimension of gritty icing~

What are some of your face-palming baking fails? Flying icing sugar, baking soda instead of baking powder, destruction during cake transport, I hear ya. Share it down in the comments below!




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