Britomart Country Club High Tea

Many cafes and smaller restaurants have come onboard the High Tea bandwagon and Britomart Country Club is no exception. I’m loving the new Britomart precinct with the different range of specialised shops, cafes and bars that you won’t find in the typical Westfield Shopping Centre.

What I loved about the high tea in Britomart Country Club is you don’t HAVE to order high tea and dine at the same table. While the 3 tiered caddy is catered for 2 people, the average bloke will not be full! (nor will they normally appreciate the sacred occasion called high tea). With access to beer at the bar and the decent range of food on the menu, you’ll be able to satisfy your high tea cravings double date style with minimal complaining from the men. Or, you can always have high tea here after a light lunch.

While high tea is meant to be an afternoon tea, I usually can’t fit in much post lunch so it pays to have a very light lunch or no lunch at all before heading for high tea.

Note: This caddy is for 4 people! You’ll see 4 of each delicacy on each plate.

A little less extravagant than the usual high tea but filling and a good range of treats on the table. The food is closer to the goodies you’ll find at your local cafe. If you’re looking for something a little more stylish, check out High Tea at Prohibition or High Tea at Langham.

Britomart Country Club

All Days $20 | $35 with bubbles

Ph: (09) 303 2541

Galway Street, Auckland



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  1. Bunny Eats Design says:

    That’s very cue and super reasonably priced too. I love BCC. So much wholesome fun to be had there. Would it be un-ladylike to play petanque after high tea?

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