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Interview with Brian Campbell of Sweet Cuisine

I first met and interviewed Brian Campbell at the opening of Milse in 2013. The dessert fanatic that I was, I was so excited that Auckland was to have its own dessert restaurant.

Fast forward two years, Milse is now famous for their wait queue of at least one hour for busy nights. Crazy! The more exciting thing is that Brian and his wife Roselle have created Sweet Cuisine, making sweet waves in the foodie community with dessert pop-up restaurants all over Auckland. With an aim to create their own dessert shop, these pop-up restaurants are just the beginning!

unnamedThe amazing desserts are just a reflection of the sweet couple and chemistry behind Sweet Cuisine. The genuine passion and uplifting smiles are the energy that light up their pop-ups. I had the opportunity to squeeze in a quick interview with Brian and Roselle to find out more about their passion and goals.

1. Short and sweet! Describe Sweet Cuisine in 3 words.

Spontaneous, Fun, Unique.

2. Do you have a signature dish?

Not as such, we try to keep recreating our menus so our customer experiences something new every time they come to our pop ups. My own signature dish is probably the Sorbet Balloon made with liquid nitrogen and filled with a light mousse.

3. What’s one thing you wish you had known before you started Sweet Cuisine?

I don’t think there is anything that we wish we knew, but we wish we started it sooner. Its been a great ride and seems to get stronger every week.

IMG_35504. As a husband and wife team, what do you love about working together and what has been the most challenging?  

We love working together, as we have a single vision of what we want to create with Sweet Cuisine, the end goal of all these pop ups is to have our own dessert shop so I guess you can look at the pop ups as a real time crowd funding… So the busier we are now the faster we have our own place. The most challenging is finding time for ourselves but we do manage to escape the city most weeks to get into the country side and get some fresh air.

5. Do you cook at home? What will be in your fridge if we raided it now?        

We cook more simple food at home, lots of salads, soups, broths , love lentils and chorizo casseroles…. Also we are going through a love of Korean food right now so in the fridge is a few different types of kimchi, doenjeng, lots of fruit, lots of greens and yoghurt . Home made kombucha and some desserts that we made to test recipes.

7. With all those sweets what do you do to keep fit?!              

Roselle does Yoga every day and I am at the gym each day too. Tasting everything to make sure it is 100% can take its toll……

DSC02541They sure are shaking things up in the world of desserts in Auckland. Make sure you keep an eye out for Sweet Cuisine! I’m so excited about going to their next tasting menu at Clooney. In the meantime..I should probably keep at those gym sessions in preparation..

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