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Auckland Seafood Festival 2012

The Auckland Seafood Festival was blessed with incredible sunny weather all weekend! Always held over the 3 days of Auckland Anniversary Weekend, Auckland Seafood Festival boasts 3 days of ultimate seafood gluttony!

Being seafood lovers, we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the amazing fresh seafood of Auckland.

Held at the Wynyward Quarter waterfront, it wasn’t just a heaven for seafood lovers. Fishing gear of all sorts was on sale for special prices at the new Viaduct Events Centre along with cooking demonstrations.

After pulling Rayshurshur away from the fishing goodies, we stepped out to Halsey Wharf and were greeted with this!

Hapuka with two fish in its mouth!

Omnomnom!! Other than that hapuka, there were plenty of other fish, kahawai, snapper, trevally! Though looking at how fresh the fish was, it was definitely the place to buy your fish.

Frankie Stevens – Our host for the day!

After we saw a lady carrying this beauty, we just had to hunt down the stall. It’s such a great way to dress up a salmon kumara salad.

I was so gutted they already ran out of kina on the first day! The funky looking seafood looked well worth a try. Here for $9 we have the ultimate seafood degustation. This is the first year they brought the idea in to give locals a try of the seafood that they won’t usually find on their plate. The oyster shot replaced the kina as you can see. Not sure if I liked the oyster soaked in tomato sauce, it seems to emphasise the slime and oyster smell! You can also see paua beside the lemon slices, scampi, tuna sashimi, mussels and seafood salad.

Throughout the whole event, we were looking for crayfish along with some others who had seen the Auckland Seafood Festival website beforehand. The rumour from other food stalls was that they had already sold out. We found it just as we were about to leave but disappointingly we were already full! And at $30 for half a crayfish, a bit too pricy for a crayfish just bigger than your hand!

Snail! Or in French, Escargot! Not the first time we’ve had it… but was still good with the basil and herbs, then later got told they might have come from a can. SIGH, I hope not!

Macademia crumbed scallops. What a treat! Instead of the usual dainty melt in the mouth scallops, these ones were crunchy with macademia goodness and the sauce soaked right through.

Who knew, the food wasn’t actually the main focus! When I first heard about the Auckland Seafood Festival, I thought it would be like the Food Show, or Taste of New Zealand(Auckland), promoting food from restaurants – in this case, seafood. The food promotion is true to an extent! But the Auckland Seafood Fest is actually a yearly thing, where fishermen and their fleet are actually blessed on this day for their voyages out at sea, for catching our OMNOMNOM seafood!

This yearly festival, worth going? It’s not on the scale of the Food Show, but it definitely has its merits. I love nothing more than fresh seafood, so if you love your seafood – this is the place! Lets hope next year it’ll be at Wynyard Quarter again!



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4 Responses to Auckland Seafood Festival 2012

  1. Bunny Eats Design says:

    Great photos and great review. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Wasn’t Wynyard Quarter a fantastic location? I hope they keep this location next year.

    I didn’t realise they ran out of kina on the first day! If it’s any consolation, the kina bloody mary wasn’t something I would try more than once. Did they also run out of bbq octopus? The bbq octopus we got with our platter was my favourite dish of the day.

    I didn’t have a half crayfish because we will full by the time we found them in the afternoon, but I didn’t think $30 for half a cray was expensive. I’ve paid $90 for a hole crayfish before at AFM so these were cheaper than there. What is a good price?

    • rayshurshur says:

      Haha Cheers! Yeah, its a really nice place – I didn’t see any octopus there actually… not bbq ones at least.

      I just thought for the size of the cray it was a bit pricy? I know at Lantern fest there was $10 for half a cray… Yeah $90 for a full crayfish sounds about right, but the size of the ones I’ve seen for that price are always huge! I think if the cray was bigger then $30 would be okay.

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