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Auckland Foodshow ’12 Highlights

The Auckland Foodshow always promises huge excitement with tons of food stalls, masterclasses and cooking demos. It’s become of those events you MUST attend if you consider yourself an Auckland foodie. Yes there will be lots of people pushing and shoving to get their hands on the tasting platter – everyone is as eager as you. Camera in hand, we were ready to set ourselves loose like little pacmans.

Aside from all that tasting, one of the most exciting things is seeing new products launched. This year, the enthusiasm was brimming from the stalls – all inviting us to taste taste taste!

Fav new things at the show this year:


Thomas and Etienne = Tomette!

The French duo brings us gourmet classic French dishes made here in NZ using original French recipes. Experiences of microwave meals with plastic cheese has always turned me off even touching one so I’m glad it’s not the same frozen plastic mess.  There are 6 choices in the range including beef bourguignon, dill sauce salmon and chicken basquaise.  These are “heat and eat” ready made meals and made on the day, not in some factory a week ago – so everything is fresh!

Little Paddock

The ice cream stands are always the most popular at The Food Show. Amongst all the other ice cream stands, Little Paddock – the new kid in town – stood out the most. With  cute flavours like Baby Cupcake,Mister Boysenberry and Captain Vanilla, I ended up trying out nearly all the flavours to satisfy my curiosity. If the names aren’t enough to put a smile on your face, the taste sure will. I look forward to seeing these ice creams at my supermarket! These 500ml tubs were selling for $8.50 each and if I had a cooler bag, the Chocolate Brownie tub would be sitting next to me right now.

Regal Salmon- Sachie Nomura

The fabulous Sachie Nomura of Sachie’s Kitchen showing us how to make a Vietnamese mango salad with lightly fried salmon. We last saw her cooking demo at the Taste of NZ 2011 and her charismatic personality never ceases to draw crowds of eager foodies. We all got given the recipes and I can see myself making this salad any time of the year!


Here’s a personal love – Kokoleka Hot Chocolate. They have the most interesting flavours! Ever tried ginger hot choc? At first I screwed up my nose at the idea but the ginger taste was  actually quite gentle and warmed me up nicely. But no need to worry if you’re not a ginger fan, you’re bound to fall in love with other flavours like peppermint, chili, or classic dark. We loved it so much that we walked away with a 500g pack of the peppermint!

Elliots King of Kiwi

So here’s one of the reasons why we really love the Food Show. It’s the time when all the little authentic guys come, a place where quality supersedes the sales and PR. Elliots King of Kiwi were a perfect example, their feijoa and kiwifruit juice actually taste like it’s been squeezed out of the fruit – not just some flavouring added to sugar water. LOVE! They also win “best dressed” at the Food Show!

Celebrity Chef sitings

Awesome to meet Al Brown. TV personality, cookbook author, restaurateur…. ticktickticktick. Such a friendly and down to earth guy! The cookbooks really do ooze his personality. Looking forward to our interview with him – watch this space!

Also bumped into Nadia Lim at the Regal Salmon stand. Had people lining up after me to take a photo – have to be quick!

Big Foody Tours

Strike a pose! We stopped by The Big Foody Tours to talk about the latest foodie spots around Auckland. Trust me, you don’t know Auckland’s best foodie spots until you talk to Elle! She knows all the nooks and crannies of Auckland’s best eating spots like no other.

The Fresh Grower

If your kids don’t like eating their veggies, you’ll want to get them Fresh Grower veggies. Amazingly succulent sweet and crunchy, it’s a refreshing taste after all that cheese wine and sauces. Last year, we had several rounds of their amazing lettuce wraps and they still remember us for it!

Blue River Dairy

Fried cheese. Haloumi. Know of it, heard of it a long time ago, but never tried it. It’s definitely worth a try, every cheese has their different texture and flavour, and haloumi definitely hammered that fact in – even the lady said it was her first time cooking haloumi cheese!

The OmNoms loot!

Thoughts for the Auckland Foodshow 2013

– Always wear comfy shoes (and clothes)! You’ll be on your feet all day tasting and tasting!

– Ladies may want to leave their handbags at home and opting for a slingbag – today is not a fashionable day, it’s a day of food! You’re bound to be carry loads in your bag by the end.

– Carry a water bottle. All that cheese and wine is going to make you dehydrated. There’s water supplies but not always paper cups available

– Bring a big environmentally friendly bag to fit all your goodies

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Food Show! We’ll be reviewing some of the goodies that we brought home with us to use them in our cooking.

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  1. A friend once gave me a gift pack with 9 boxes of Whittard’s hot chocolate and chocolate sprinkles of different flavours. I haven’t tried the Kokolea version, but peppermint was my favourite flavour too!

    • Must try the Whittards one! How does it compare? Kokoleka is ohhh sooo good. Awesome for rainy days like today 🙂

  2. Lovely photos as always, great to know about Big Foody Tours and I’ll look out for Little Paddock, I love the name and it obviously tastes good too.

    • You should! Little Paddock hasn’t got a site up yet but you can find them on FB. yummo

  3. Marleen says:

    What did you think of our lemonade ?? Pete’s Natural Lemonade. Al Brown and Simon Gault for sure love them 😉

    • LOVE it! Just found and Liked you guys on FB. Keep on the awesome work – I’ll be sure to order one next time I’m at Depot!

      • Marleen says:

        Sounds great, they can make great cocktails with them at the Depot also, just ask the bar tender and he’ll make you something. Enjoy !!

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