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A stroll down the quiet path – Avenue 28

Kiwis are known for ordering masses of pizza to feed huge crowds. And why not? It smells irresistibly good and you don’t even need to plate to eat it.

But sometimes when you just don’t want the greasy cheese overload…

This is the place to go! Seems like it’s quite the trend to call your restaurant based on street location. (Check out our 1st post: Eight.Two)

This wasn’t the original plan. After finding out that another pizza bar was fully booked, we stumbled on this hidden place in Albany – well not exactly hidden, but it was definitely not close to the main road.

The Gibraltar Chicken– Apricots, bacon, cream cheese, pinenuts & avocado

Cecilia’s pick! The combination was just amazing. Everything on there works together like a dream and the pinenuts give the toppings the perfect crunch. The toppings were generously chunky and best of all weren’t too salty like takeaway pizzas.

Warm Greek- Lamb, spinach, garlic, pinenuts, feta, tomato & olives

Full of toppings and sauce that were sent into the oven together; definitely pizza from a different part of the world. Compared to our pizza experience in Covo, this was something wayyyy different!

Avenue 28 Breads– Garlic, hummus, house-made pesto, honey and blue cheese

Raspberry,Vanilla & White Chocolate Brulee– Vanilla sugar biscuit and fresh fruit

I’d love to learn how to slice an apple like that! This brulee didn’t have the crispy top I had been expecting but I’m always open to something different – especially with the fruit which balanced out the richness nicely. Only thing that I wasn’t a fan of was the combination between the apple with the brulee, even though it was so pretty.

Pistachio Nut Profiteroles– Italian gelato & warm chocolate sauce

This profiterole tower looks legendary. Warm chocolate sauce just dripping over the huge profiteroles teasingly..

The taste was a little disappointing! The profiteroles were stiff and dry like they had been pre-frozen and the ice cream didn’t have the brilliant nutty sensation that the Giapo pistachio gelato had. Arghh! Major disappointment.

White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Brownie– Double fudge Ice cream, dark chocolate, kahlua sauce

Calling all chocolate lovers! The dark decadent chocolate sauce was incredibly rich but the cold ice cream and hot fudge sauce go hand in hand like no other. Makes you close your eyes and go “Mhmmmm!”

Avenue 28 is a great venue for group gatherings. In a place not hard to find but not in the centre of everyones’ attention. The whole restaurant was small with a closed off area to the outside and surrounded by heaters, it made an awesome night out!

Avenue 28
28 The Avenue

(Ph) 09 414 7424



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