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Published on December 4th, 2012 | by Ultimate OmNoms


A Heritage High Tea Experience

It's been 5 years since we last caught up which calls for something a bit classier than a lazy Sunday brunch.

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“Let's go high tea!” says the male. Surprised – seems like the high tea fad has swayed even Kiwi blokes to flick their pinkies up. Ok, so after being away studying overseas, he can probably be discounted as one but us two ladies gladly snatched up the idea and a date was circled.

It seems like the rest of Auckland is still caught up in a high tea frenzy. The three other high tea places I rang up had already been booked out weeks before. A bit deflated that we may have to postpone our day of indulgence, Hectors Restaurant waffled out from the back of my mind.

That is Hectors Restaurant of Heritage Hotel. Right inside that open Atrium space, sipping tea under the canopy of native palms. We couldn't have picked out a better venue.

Those who are after a high tea experience with more of a lavishing touch may consider High tea at Nostalgia or Parnell High tea. But for intense (loud) catchups combined with raucous laughing, Hector's won't make you feel like you constantly have a librarian hovering over you hissing “indoor voice!

Food and laughter is indeed the best medicine. And our waitress Maria is to be commended. Apparently there were no high tea for 3s and she explained that with 3 people we get an extra portion. Two tiers were propped in front of our hungry faces. “Are you sure??” we pressed on. It just didn't feel right to claim an extra portion from someone's kitchen.

“The chef likes Asian girls” Maria whispered with a wink. We exploded. “You're too funny Maria!”. “No really!” she insisted cheekily.

Well if you insist. Everything looked delish. There were tongs available for those with more restraint. Sandwiches were in high tea English style strips. The salmon was my favourite, cushioned by soft bread. I was glad to see wheatmeal and wholegrain bread for the other sandwiches too. Something within me screams they are more healthy.

I have never had high tea without scones and it probably would be weird without them. These warm scones were lavished with a generous amount of jam and cream. I quite enjoyed the smaller size because I didn't feel obligated to finish up the scone level before moving onto the colourful desserts.

These were a real treat to the eye. I started with the humble chocolate dipped strawberry and roved onto the chocolate sponge and lamington. By the time we finished, there were still chocolate éclairs and fruit tarts to be doggie-bagged. The éclairs were my favourite. The packed cream promptly burst out upon biting and the shell was light and crunchy.

I've heard great things about the vegetarian and vegan options for high tea at Hector's. This is definitely one to try out if limp salad has been your experience of weak vegetarian options.

It's been great so far on my Auckland high tea tour, but now I'm running out of high tea venues. Drop us a comment below or tell me where to go next on Facebook or Twitter!

Hectors Restaurant

35 Hobson St
(Heritage Auckland Hotel)
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Ph: 09 979 7434

Served daily from 11.30am – 4.30pm

$32 per person, or $42 including a glass of sparkling wine.




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