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15 Days of Summer Breakfasts

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Having almost survived one year in teaching (fingers crossed, knock wood etc etc), there are good chunks of the year that I’ve had to kiss my fitness/healthy eating aspirations goodbye.

Gone are cinematic pans of teachers having bikkies and a cuppa during breaks. Instead, lunch is inhaled before the second bell goes. Admittedly with report season in full swing, I’ve made more than a couple of sugar spiking visits to the nearest dairy.

Another dawning realisation is my regular breakfast ritual is out the door. Come 6am starts, and mentally counting every second, breakfast is no more than weetbix and milk. Toast takes too long to chew. Sadface.


Another sad reality is the amount of packaged food kids bring to school. The orchestra of plastic bags being opened and crushed is the background noise of every break.

Hence I’ve made it my goal to intertwine my passion for education and food, in my uphill crawl to regain some sanity in my eating habits.

To start, I’ll be doing a series of quick, fast and EASY breakfasts with no fuss.

I’m no pro at videos so I’ll tap into the wisdom of Annabel Langbein’s for the first one. In her Sunshine Smoothie, I substituted blueberries for extra anti-oxidants and a sprinkling of chia seeds – boosting the protein intake to bridge that gap between breakfast and lunch.

Get blitzing and cooking! Check out more of Annabel’s videos on the We Are What We Eat channel. There’s yummy recipes like Haloumi Grillas and One Two Three Lemon Cake that I’ll be giving a whir. I’ve always been an admirer of her no-fuss home cooking philosophy. Minimal ingredients, maximum feet up time doing other things after work.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by We Are What We Eat but all thoughts are my own.



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