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The space of L’oeuf is beautiful. It’s uncluttered, it’s relaxing – adorned with cascading plants on tables and shelves. There’s the relaxed vibe of Little and Friday, with more structure in the layout with earthy tones of the smooth chairs and various art and photography books on the table.

At first look on the menu, you can tell there’s something different on offer at L’oeuf. It’s anything but formulaic. With intriguing names like The Hunter, The Russian and The Geisha, the personality invites you. On a closer read, the menu offers a diverse choice of Asian and European cooking with the traditional brunch food of mushrooms and chorizo for The Hunter, and soba noodles represented by The Geisha.

For once though, my mind was made up within seconds from seeing the menu.


The Nest – Two sunflower seed crumbed soft-boiled eggs, in a filo pastry nest, with beetroot ketchup, feta and mesclun salad. 

It was beaaautiful when it came, and it brought envy to the whole table. Hehehe.

The best thing was cutting through the soft-boiled egg to see the yolk ooze out. Something I do to every poached egg but it was such a clever idea of placing the eggs on a “nest”. Made me feel a bit cruel though to eat eggs straight from the mother’s home.

The presentation DID match the taste, and I was so glad. It was so well presented that I had somehow braced myself for below-par freshness and taste, or weird flavour combinations. The salad was so good, one of the best brunch salads I’ve had. With enough beetroot ketchup swirled at the bottom, it didn’t need any other dressing that would normally drench the salad greens and weigh it down. Cutting the nest was surprisingly easy, even for my unco skills that would normally resort to me spiking a piece halfway across the table.

I ordered it without the choice of black pudding or bacon and that suited me, but someone more meat-hungry should try it with the bacon.


My friend ordered The Geisha – soba noodles tossed with red cabbage, daikon, spring onion, bean sprouts and mesclun salad tossed in Japanese sesame dressing. It was confirmed amazing and I was too obsessed with my own food to get a taster.

I love a quality hangout spot and while it’s out of the way for most, go for the food! It’s so worth it and I’ll be back in the neighbourhood again to try The Cambodian – sweet banana rice with salted coconut cream, lychees and kiwi fruit. That would have been my second choice after The Nest. It’s always a tug of war between the sweet and savoury for brunches, and lately savoury has been dominating. Maybe just not that time of the month hah.


4A Owairaka Avenue

Mt Albert, Auckland

Ph: 09 9714155



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