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A mother’s baking secrets – Little and Friday

Some of you might know a few weeks back, we went to a book signing event (No, not Gordon Ramsay!) – And if you don’t know from all the hype yet, it a recipe book by Kim Evans – founder of Little and Friday,

Little & Friday has long been well known for their naughty but ohh-so-delicious treats. Baked fresh from their kitchen each day, queues that go out the door can last for 3 hours!

Nestled in a residential area of Belmont, Takapuna on the Shore, you can smell the deliciousness far away. Best known for their home made and hand made pastry – it was tempting to order everything in the food cabinet to try a mouthful of each delight!

Walking into the cafe is like walking into a homey kitchen. While most things like the table, chairs, and shelves are painted white, all the furniture somehow seems to all be different – different type of chairs, tables (or boxes), different types of cutlery. To top it off, a lot of the things had been donated with love by family and friends, giving Little & Friday an asymmetrical feeling. Yet everything fit together just fine.

Kim’s philosophy is simple – she believes in transparency and letting customers see the food being prepped and baked in the kitchen before being brought to the front store.

It’s also about using quality, organic, and free range ingredients. For Kim, nothing is wasted at the end of the day – if it’s not sold, it’s made into something else.

It’s hard not to be ignited by her passion for baking. She describes that as a child, she never had the luxury of packaged biscuits that many kids brought to school. Instead, her mother baked every week and that’s where her love for baking started. I daresay it’s quite the opposite these days!

Kim encourages mothers to bake with their children. She finds that even though the cleaning itself may put off many; the magic of working with your very own hands from the beginning can be an invaluable lesson – it “Beats spending the afternoon in a mall”, she adds with a smile.

Black Forrest Cake

I must admit, it’s the texture and quality of the pastry here that makes it so different from other patisseries and bakeries. Take  a bite into any quiche, cheese stick, or cake, and you’ll understand what I mean. The pastry is flaky and soft enough but you’re not overloaded with grease – though I can’t imagine the amount of butter and sugar that contributes to making Little and Friday taste so good!

Custard Tart

This custard tart is a western version that I rarely get the chance to have, slightly different to the yumcha version – flaky and gooey, rather than solid and crumbly! Notice how many layers there are? yet it’s still holding itself up without falling apart with flakes everywhere.

Cheese stick and Sausage roll

This really is not the type of food I have everyday (maybe in primary school it was, but not now!). But for a Sunday afternoon along with a coffee? Definitely. The sausage roll wasn’t a $2 tiny roll where there were more pastry than meat, and the cheese stick didn’t taste like bread with cheese on top! And some of you might agree – but I believe this is how cheese sticks and sausage rolls were meant to be made!

Cream Donut

I think by the time I finished the sausage roll and cheese stick, I was a bit too full to have an appetite for this… but doesn’t it look delicious? The centre was slightly too sweet for me though!

I guess the downside of such freshly made pastry is that price is never your friend, maybe $2 or $3 dearer than other cafe’s pastry or bakeries. But Little and Friday is definitely a place worth visiting on a weekend afternoon – that is of course if you don’t mind the amount of people that are in there all the time! (try go slightly after lunchtime where there’s less of a rush)

Little and Friday



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5 Responses to A mother’s baking secrets – Little and Friday

  1. Lydia Grace says:

    I love Little and Friday! I went there with fellow Auckland food blogger, Kirsten from High Tea With Dragons and we absolutely LOVED their food, I’m doing a blog post on it too!
    Love your blog and photos, they’re amazing!

    • rayshurshur says:

      Haha Yes! They’re nice aren’t they, though the prices aren’t =( Hehe I really like your photos! We’re still trying improve our food photography – especially when under bad lighting, and also seeing how we can organise dining events for keen foodies! And that’s among the millions of other things we’re doing as well. Will you be flying down to Welly for Food Bloggers Conference?

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